Seminars for the general public – following corona virus these will now be online.

After 3 months of Lockdown any doubts that people had that human beings are highly social creatures is likely to have been severely dented. Social Isolation can now be perceived by most people as a terrible situation.

Links to meaningful clips and “lectures” are below.

Eight primary declarative emotions – particularly related to couple fit -” plus senses and what happens when …

Babies and when a child is born: attachment theory  – the still face

Different stresses for couples in couple relationships.

Moving in together: Couple fit – family scripts, adapting to one another.

More couple fit: some differences between men and women – reactions, language and thinking and feeling

Fundamental reactive anatomy of the brain, the amygdala,  the divided brain – Ian McGilchrist

children and partners in different emotional states. Recognising those states, what helps what hinders?

Who are your supporters? What can you reasonably do alone and for what do you need support and for what do you need professional help?

GRIEF: ways of coping with the emotion of sadness and GRIEF and the dangers that lurk in ANGER and DISGUST.

We are social creatures: How do you get that help if you discover you cannot provide it.