CAFCASS – The Children and Family court Advisory and Support Service.

Early intervention work with domestic abusers, so-called perpetrators Our 25 year old charitable service offers work to domestic abusers and perpetrators of domestic violence. Notice the difference in the use of those two words.  More than 1,000 men and more than 100 women have completed the work 100%, more than 95% of women and more than 90% of men have completed all the work. The vast majority of people make very significant progress and consequently changes in their behaviours.

We do this by means of engaging with the people in intensive, therapeutically informed ways. The problems are intense and intimate consequently the work also needs to be intense and intimate. This service is dedicated to  women. We recognise that either or both men and women may have problems with their behaviours and the underlying emotions which drive those behaviours. (It is emotions which drive behaviours, not attitudes and nor is it in more than 80% of cases a desire for “male power and control”, as an ideaology would mistakenly have you believe !)

Costs for our service are £30 for the initial one hour assessment, whenever possible in the individual’s own home or close to where they live, but now, since the virus this is more likely to be conducted via Whats Ap or by Zoom at a cost of £25. £480 for the 36 hours of work over two weekends, usually about a month apart, or individual counselling.on an appropriate basis. For individuals that need reports for the court or social services a fee of between £75 and £175 is charged, depending upon the complexity of the case and the report needed. For those people on benefits the costs are 1/10 of the above. Costs for Social Services / Cafcass referrals are £100 more for each of the above steps with a concluding report costing £380.

Therapeutically based practices are what is required. In our case more than 95% of those women that begin the work complete it, 100% In the past a very significant poportion have been referred by social services.